Negro on the 2010 Census form hmmmm?

7 01 2010

Image from News Daily Story

When I first got word of this, I wasn’t sure how to feel so before I took a side, I wanted to get a view of Americas  prospective on the term. Here’s what I found.
Negro {Ne•gro}- – Anthropology. a member of the peoples traditionally classified as the Negro race, esp. those who originate in sub-Saharan Africa: no longer in technical use.
Webster Dictionary -” sometimes offensive”

When I Google Search Negro images I see a Monkey, Porn, Man in Black Face, even a Man being hung alive!

I posted “Negro on 2010 Census..#fail?” on my twitter and a respected colleague of mine had this to say….
“no it is not a “fail.” It’s on there because there are still folks who are alive (read: grandparents and great grand parents ) that will not answer to African American and they think that “black” is too political. So to ensure that all bases are covered the word “negro” is still on the form. But if you don’t like any of the boxes then you can always… See More check some other race and then write in what you are. it’s the first time in the history of the Census that you are able to tell them who and what you are”

Without further ado.. my weigh in…

This Is Some Bull Shit!  The Year is 2010, 50 years since the term “Negro” was in its Glory and ruffly 150 since slavery ended…so what better time to add it to the U.S Census form!? I do understand that people Do Not want to be referred to as Afro-American, I’m not too fond of that term myself but geesh.. White southerners are often referred to (and even refer to themselves) as Red Necks…Is there a check box for that??? No,  because its a derogatory term and regardless of its popularity in no way shape or form is it OK for the Government to disrespect an entire people even if a small sector of the people are in limbo on the topic at hand.

Also, there are a TON of social issues that need reforming. Our people rally everyday for better schooling, Police brutality , radio & tv programming and many more issues…. adding the name Negro on the census IS NOT one of our social issues that needs the Governments  2cent.

Tho blatantly disrespectful its not surprising…






One response

12 01 2010
Mac Million$

I agree with you Marques, this is some big bullshit. For that term to even be considered on census is just wrong. And if you can find one person in this world who would want to be catergorized as a “negro” plese tell them to hit me up, because that is just insane.

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