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29 03 2010

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Chicago Alderman Project 50 Alderman/50 Artist

22 03 2010

If you’re looking at that headline and are always thinking about urban art, it’s difficult to deny the correlation. But boy did I try.

I have no respect for Chicago’s City Council. They do not deserve to be saluted through art. There I said it.

I can’t deny that some have made good moves. Former Alderman of the 24th ward, Michael Chandler did an outstanding job revitalizing North Lawndale. At one time the poverty stricken area had a Starbucks, with a drive-thru! It was also home to a movie theater that employed neighborhood youth, a Dominicks with a fresh produce section and newly built and rehabbed condominiums. Chandler was defeated in 2007. If you happen to ride down Roosevelt near Kedzie, you will a close dilapidated movie theater, a closed Starbucks and the other the economic effects as well, both in the store windows and the pothole ridden street. Chandler is the only city councilman of distinction who I can recall.

Conversely, there is  Issac Carothers formerly of the 29th ward who wore a wire tap during meetings with real estate developers for a year in order to create a plea bargain for when he was to be called to trial for his fraud and bribery charges.  His trial is set to begin this month. According to the May 29, 2009 online edition of the Chicago Sun-Times “Daley issued a carefully worded statement calling the charges against Carothers “sad and surprising news to those of us who have worked with him.”” Carothers was the second councilman to plead guilty to federal charges, following in the footsteps of his co-worker, former Ald. Arenda Troutman of the 20th ward who admitted to misconduct in 2008. According to the February 1, 2010 online edition of the Chicago Sun-Times, Troutman said that all Aldermen are hoes.

On Thursday, March 15, 2010, Deborah Graham was appointed to takes Carothers seat. Lets see how that goes. By the way, Carothers’ father, a former Alderman was also charged and convicted of fraud and bribery in 1983.

But back to the art.

Johalla Projects decided to get an even better look at our elected officials. Located at 1561 N. Milwaukee, “Johalla Projects was established in the fall of 2009 by Anna Cerniglia as a venue for emerging and mid-career artists,” says their blog at johallaprojects.wordpress.com.

50 Aldermen/50 Artists curated by Jeremy Scheuch and Lauri Apple runs Friday, March 19 – April 2, 2010. The gallery is open on Saturdays from 12-5pm or by appointment during the week. For more information, contact the good folks at Johalla Projects at johallaprojects@gmail.com. V

Laser Graffiti

15 02 2010

I hadn’t heard about Laser Graffiti till I heard that Kid Static was scheduled to create it at the Mos & Doom show that was at the Congress Theatre on February 13th and now I’m enamored.

Laser Graffiti seems like a huge projector, projecting graffiti onto the sides of buildings. According to muonics, engineers of the one I’m going to show you below: “In its simplest form the Laser Tag system is a camera and laptop setup, tracking a green laser point across the face of a building and generating graphics based on the laser’s position which then get projected back onto the building with a high power projector.

They give you the recipe for creating one here. If you do make one, be sure to call me so that I can come and help you try it out. It seems that this system is mad politician friendly and just overall cool.

But really, I’m tired of typing about it. You watch the Graffiti Research Lab and Laser Graffiti in action. All I’ll say is that this is about as urban art as urban arts can get.


February Free Days @ ART INSTITUTE

2 02 2010

All Day, Every Day, for the Entire Month
Warm up to free general admission this February. It’s the perfect time to visit an old favorite, explore the Modern Wing, take in a special exhibition, and enjoy the wealth of fascinating programming.

February Free Days, Family Fun







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2 02 2010

My Favorite Month Of The Year Definition Is The Only Pure Month (4 WEEKS) :-)…In Celebration Im Gonna Post A (OFF  THE DOME) Black History  Fact. Since Im A Day Late I Have to Conjure Up TWO….


#1: Well since im on a PC it only makes since for me to tell you about Dr.Mark Dean, know to most as the Invisible Man. He’s the Master Mind behind the First Personal Computer (PC)…DOPE

#2: hmmm leme see…ANNIE MALONE..I believe she’s from Chicago. Shes the creator of a lot of  the hair products women use today & has the patent for the 1st  Hot Comb. Shes know for her cosmetology school where she tought students such as Madam CJ Walker….I remember her most having a coat made of $5 bills i the 1920’s…#POW  

ight i’ll be back tomorrow

Negro on the 2010 Census form hmmmm?

7 01 2010

Image from News Daily Story

When I first got word of this, I wasn’t sure how to feel so before I took a side, I wanted to get a view of Americas  prospective on the term. Here’s what I found.
Negro {Ne•gro}-
Dictionary.com – Anthropology. a member of the peoples traditionally classified as the Negro race, esp. those who originate in sub-Saharan Africa: no longer in technical use.
Webster Dictionary -” sometimes offensive”

When I Google Search Negro images I see a Monkey, Porn, Man in Black Face, even a Man being hung alive!

I posted “Negro on 2010 Census..#fail?” on my twitter and a respected colleague of mine had this to say….
“no it is not a “fail.” It’s on there because there are still folks who are alive (read: grandparents and great grand parents ) that will not answer to African American and they think that “black” is too political. So to ensure that all bases are covered the word “negro” is still on the form. But if you don’t like any of the boxes then you can always… See More check some other race and then write in what you are. it’s the first time in the history of the Census that you are able to tell them who and what you are”

Without further ado.. my weigh in…

This Is Some Bull Shit!  The Year is 2010, 50 years since the term “Negro” was in its Glory and ruffly 150 since slavery ended…so what better time to add it to the U.S Census form!? I do understand that people Do Not want to be referred to as Afro-American, I’m not too fond of that term myself but geesh.. White southerners are often referred to (and even refer to themselves) as Red Necks…Is there a check box for that??? No,  because its a derogatory term and regardless of its popularity in no way shape or form is it OK for the Government to disrespect an entire people even if a small sector of the people are in limbo on the topic at hand.

Also, there are a TON of social issues that need reforming. Our people rally everyday for better schooling, Police brutality , radio & tv programming and many more issues…. adding the name Negro on the census IS NOT one of our social issues that needs the Governments  2cent.

Tho blatantly disrespectful its not surprising…



Angel Otero at Kavi Gupta AND Chicago Cultural Center

4 01 2010

It’s not often that an artist will have two exhibitions running simultaneously. So when one does, you better open your eyes and look. Angel Otero works will be showcased at Kavi Gupta Gallery until January 30, 2010 and the Chicago Cultural Center from January 23-March 28. You may want to do yourself a favor and stop by the Cultural Center on January 28 at 12:15 for his gallery talk. We’ll be there. To learn more about Otero visit his space at http://www.angelotero.com

We like Otero because he is only 28 years old and hails from Puerto Rico. He just recently finished his MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and has already added to Chicago’s art experience.

Here is some information from the Chicago Cultural Center’s site. Also, have we mentioned how dope the Chicago Cultural Center is before? Just about all events are free and it’s a joy just to be in the building. So if you can’t make it to see Touch With Your Eyes: Recent Works by Angel Otero (although I can’t see how you wouldn’t) stop by as soon as you can. Ya Heard Me??!? V

“The deeply personal and passionate paintings of Angel Otero have made a mark on the cultural scene over the past few years. Otero, having just completed his MFA degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago this spring, was one of only four awardees nationwide to receive the prestigious Leonore Annenberg Fellowship in the visual arts this year, which will support his work over a two-year period in New York.

This exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center will be Otero’s largest solo show to date; it will bring together some 12-15 new works from the artist’s studio and private collections as evidence of his masterful use of materials, as well as revealing his ideas that stem from growing up in Puerto Rico and training in Chicago.”