Negro on the 2010 Census form hmmmm?

7 01 2010

Image from News Daily Story

When I first got word of this, I wasn’t sure how to feel so before I took a side, I wanted to get a view of Americas  prospective on the term. Here’s what I found.
Negro {Ne•gro}- – Anthropology. a member of the peoples traditionally classified as the Negro race, esp. those who originate in sub-Saharan Africa: no longer in technical use.
Webster Dictionary -” sometimes offensive”

When I Google Search Negro images I see a Monkey, Porn, Man in Black Face, even a Man being hung alive!

I posted “Negro on 2010 Census..#fail?” on my twitter and a respected colleague of mine had this to say….
“no it is not a “fail.” It’s on there because there are still folks who are alive (read: grandparents and great grand parents ) that will not answer to African American and they think that “black” is too political. So to ensure that all bases are covered the word “negro” is still on the form. But if you don’t like any of the boxes then you can always… See More check some other race and then write in what you are. it’s the first time in the history of the Census that you are able to tell them who and what you are”

Without further ado.. my weigh in…

This Is Some Bull Shit!  The Year is 2010, 50 years since the term “Negro” was in its Glory and ruffly 150 since slavery ended…so what better time to add it to the U.S Census form!? I do understand that people Do Not want to be referred to as Afro-American, I’m not too fond of that term myself but geesh.. White southerners are often referred to (and even refer to themselves) as Red Necks…Is there a check box for that??? No,  because its a derogatory term and regardless of its popularity in no way shape or form is it OK for the Government to disrespect an entire people even if a small sector of the people are in limbo on the topic at hand.

Also, there are a TON of social issues that need reforming. Our people rally everyday for better schooling, Police brutality , radio & tv programming and many more issues…. adding the name Negro on the census IS NOT one of our social issues that needs the Governments  2cent.

Tho blatantly disrespectful its not surprising…




Artists as Government-Supported Activists?

21 09 2009

First, before I stand on my soapbox, find the original Fast Company article by Alissa Walker here. If you want another perspective, which I will most likely go IN on read the editorial by The Washington Times here. Lastly, read this letter to the editors of the Washington Times by Bob Lynch for Americas for the Arts here. And now….

For awhile now I’ve been thinking about the longevity of the urban arts. One hundred years from now when city walls have been blasted and niche galleries have closed their doors will the works of the urban artist remain? We know who the author’s of the history books are. We know the funding for the arts in schools of all levels is practically non existent, all of this ensuring our future leaders will have no interest in the arts. So when the National Endowment for the Arts former chairman, Rocco Landesman schedules a meeting with artist and arts organization it is a win for the arts. Not an attempt to put artist on the payroll.

Since this infamous teleconference, Rocco Landesman has stepped down and now holds another position in the NEA because anti-health care reform loud mouths has decided that the government held this meeting to pressure arts organizations to support health care reform. It has also been reported that these organizations and artist received large grants at one point.

Bob Lynch reports that no such meeting occurred and this teleconference is just another misrepresentation of the facts by Anti-Obamanites. I will have to agree with him.

If artist are easily persuaded by the government than that would be represented in their work. If they are not easily persuaded by the government, that too will be represented in their work. I think it’s belittling to artist for the Washington Times to suggest that artist can not come to their own decisions, could not support health care reform, could not depict President Barack Obama as a super hero without the pressuring of Landesman, without being paid.

Artist gaining the attention of the federal government is a win for the arts. Images of politicians and war live on. There is no question that Shepard Fairey’s Hope poster will stand right alongside Obama’s historic victory. I knew about the Daisy Ad used in 1964 by LBJ (seen below) against Senator Goldwater before I fully understand nuclear weapons in America.

If the government and the arts can get on the same page, it will be a plus for America. Maybe we need artists’ paint brushes and graphic designers to re-illustrate and repair America’s image in our global community instead of painting a conference call as an attempt to pimp and brainwash.

National Design Awards :: July 24

27 06 2009

*According to Cooper-Hewitt Press Release*

First Lady Michelle Obama Celebrates the National Design Awards with Public Programs and White House Ceremony The Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum today announced First Lady Michelle Obama will celebrate the 10th annual National Design Awards Friday, July 24, with education programs in Washington, D.C., followed by a White House ceremony for the winners and finalists of the 2009 awards. Mrs. Obama will serve as honorary patron for the awards program.

Launched at the White House in 2000 as an official project of the White House Millennium Council, the annual National Design Awards celebrate design in various disciplines as a vital humanistic tool in shaping the world. The awards are accompanied each year by a variety of public education programs, including special events, panel discussions and workshops.

2008 product design runnerup

Several of the National Design Award winners will be part of a series of free concurrent public programs starting at 9:30 a.m. July 24. Envisioned as a series of dialogues about the current state of design, winners will be paired for hour-long conversations. Members of the public can learn more about attending the programs by visiting

“Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum is honored to receive the patronage of First Lady Michelle Obama for its National Design Awards program,” said Wayne Clough, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. “The National Design Awards recognize and promote design excellence, innovation and public impact, and the support of Mrs. Obama will immeasurably increase national awareness of design’s important role.”