It ain’t at all sunny in Philadelphia

28 09 2009

braindrainWhat’s going on in Philadelphia?

It was about two weeks ago when the country found out that Philadelphia’s state senate voted to close the cities free libraries ( as so eloquently described in the Huffington Post here).

But today we have learned that they will also pose a 6% tax increase on the arts. How can you tax the arts you ask? I asked the same thing.  As reported by Peter Jackson of the Associated Press, (find the complete article here.) the state plans to hike up the price of admissions museums, historical sites, performing arts events, zoos and parks. That is how.

It seems to me that the state’s elected officials are trying to ensure that their constituents remain in the dark, become mindless drones who work everyday to pay taxes to line their pockets to ensure they stay in the office.

Here’s my math:

 No books = no new ideas. No arts = no self-expression. No after school programs = let the kids make play out of each other (as we have seen in Chicago.).  No access to the internet for low-income household = no means to look for a better paying job, learn about the world around them, hell download coupons for free chicken. No GED or ESL programs =  no future. Taxing the arts admissions prices is practically ensuring the non-profit organizations supporting the arts will shut their doors. They do not have profit in which to operate from when their patronage drop. They operate based on tickets sold at the door, based on healthy subscribers and benefactors. Philadelphia’s government is going to make a practically impossible task (trust me, the Gotta E.A.T. Project knows from experience) plain impossible.

All of this = brain drain and places Philadelphia and Pittsburgh right beside Detroit.

Btw, this is by no means a diss to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, that’s a separate blog post. 😉 VB