Is there a pot o’ gold at the end of the Reading Rainbow?

28 08 2009

Yes! It’s called literacy, love for books, bibliomania, uber imagination, increased vocabulary and other goodness you won’t pick up from the average afternoon show. Reading Rainbow was my first book club. I remember watching an episode and forcing my mom to remember the titles so that we could pick it up either at the bookstore or on our library runs.

But like all good things, Reading Rainbow, on air for the past 26 years (all of my life), the third longest running children’s show, the show with the first theme song I learned, is coming to an end.

Read or listen to more here on NPR.

In honor of Levar Burton and Reading Rainbow goodness, watch Jam Master Jay spit.


Printers Row Lit Fest :: June 6&7 :: Meet Me There!

2 06 2009

I’ve been going to the Printers Row Lit Fest since 2001. I fell in love at Printers Row, I recited my second piece as a part of Young Chicago Authors at Printers Row. I may have taken a hiatus in 2002 when it was bought out by the Chicago Tribune–you know us creative types are afraid of the big corporations–yet I didn’t stay away for long. So, I’ll be there VOLUNTEERING this Saturday. So if you have time, come down and check out the books, authors, poets and like-minded individuals. If you don’t have time, make time and  meet me there on Saturday!

For more information, click here and visit Printer Rows website.